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The fall meeting of the Friends of Lake Sakakawea Board of Directors will take place at 9:30 am, Wednesday, September 27 at the Visitors’ Center, National Fish Hatchery, Riverdale, ND. If you plan on attending, please contact Rod Gilmore ( or 701-527-0027) so that we may have an accurate count for lunch. Presentations will include updates from the US Corps of Engineers, ND Game and Fish Department, Missouri River Joint Water Board and Board members.

The Friends of Lake Sakakawea

The Friends of Lake Sakakawea works to make North Dakota’s Great Lake by building upon the recreational, economic, and environmental opportunities of Lake Sakakawea.

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We principally achieve our work through…


Advocating for sensible lake management and reasonable conservation of Lake Sakakawea’s resources.


Protecting water quality for residents who depend on Lake Sakakawea for drinking water and raising awareness to stop the introduction of Aquatic Nuisance Species.


Ensuring access for boaters, anglers, and recreationists.


Investing in improvements that enhance Lake Sakakawea’s quality of place and the experience of all users and visitors.


Promoting Lake Sakakawea’s full recreational and economic potential.

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