Board Members 

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Terry Fleck

Chairman/Cabin Site Representative

Terry Fleck has been fishing Sakakawea since the early 80s. He was the vice president of the Van Hook Association for more than 15 years. He’s been involved with the Friends, first as vice-chairman and then as chairman since 2006. Terry spent 30 years in the radio business and is also a free-lance public speaker (The Attitude Dr.) Terry and his wife Kristy built a home on the Lake in 2005 and can’t spend enough time enjoying all Lake Sakakawea has to offer.

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Michael Gunsch

Vice Chairman

Michael Gunsch is a professional engineer and principal with Houston Engineering in Bismarck. Michael is involved with planning, development, design, permitting, and construction of water resource, land/site development and transportation projects. Michael has been actively involved in Missouri River management issues since 1981, and assisted the FOLS in their legislative activities promoting the improvement of access to Lake Sakakawea’s recreational areas.

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Marie Johnson

Treasurer/Mercer County

Marie Johnson resides at Lakeshore Estates by Beulah in Mercer County. She is also a board member for Southwest Water Authority. Marie and her family have enjoyed all that Lake Sakakawea has to offer since the early 80s. She has come to understand that the enjoyment from Lake Sakakawea translates into a tremendous economic impact for communities and the state.

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Jill Denning Gackle

Secretary/Local Business Representative

Jill Denning Gackle was on the front lines when the Friends formed in 2000. As the co-publisher of 12 newspapers (8 in the Sakakawea region), she understands the impact that recreation has on the pocketbooks of area businesses. Jill serves as the secretary and manages the membership and newsletters.

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Eric Jaeger

Mountrail County

Eric Jaeger is the Vice President of the Mountrail County Park Board, overseeing Parshall Bay Rec Area, Van Hook Traynor Park and White Earth Bay. Eric is a Hazen native but calls the Van Hook Arm area home with his wife and 2 kids. When he is not working as a Network Tech for Reservation Telephone Coop he can be found spending time outdoors with his family and friends along the north shores of Lake Sakakawea.

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Shirley Brentrup

Dunn County

Shirley Brentrup and family have a seasonal home in Dunn County at McKenzie Bay. Based in Dickinson, Brentrup serves as the Executive Director for the Rural Economic Area Partnership (REAP) Investment Fund, Inc. REAP is a nonprofit corporation with board members representing 14 North Dakota counties.

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Corey Paryzek

Williams County

Corey Paryzek, a long time manager of a Farm Service Agency office in Williston (ASCS to the old timers), is no stranger to the workings of federal government. However, he also has ties to the county government as well, as the chairman of the Williams Water Resource district. The water resource district is responsible for many of the recreation areas on Lake Sakakawea and the Missouri River in the Williston area. Corey is an avid outdoorsmen and has long been involved with United Sportsmen of ND serving on its state board most of the time since 2001.

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Larry Kerzman

Cabin Sites

Larry Kerzman has been around Lake Sakakawea since 1957, first in the Coleharbor area and now at Wolf Creek. Growing up he enjoyed a simpler time at the lake, unencumbered by fences and rules. Kerzman has been advocating for the protection of this natural resource and the lake's future since the organization started in 2000.

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Kelly Jo Sorge

McLean County/Local Business Representative

Kelly Jo Sorge and her husband are the owners of Indian Hills Resort, a family operation started in 1984. Kelly knows what it's like to work hard to bring customers to the lake and to keep them satisfied with good service and continual enhancements to the resort. She has been on the board since 2006 and finds the Friends of Lake Sakakawea a vital part of our continued success as a great recreational lake.

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Bob Valeu


Bob Valeu has been a member of FOLS since its inception and is a strong advocate for public policy initiatives beneficial to Lake Sakakawea recreational and economic development opportunities. He recently retired from federal government services after serving as U.S. Sen. Byron Dorgan’s state director for 15 years. Bob brings to the board a strong background in federal funding and public policy issues. Bob and his wife Marge have two daughters and three grandchildren and spend a great deal of their summer months on Lake Sakakawea enjoying fishing and recreational activities.

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Blair Ihmels


Blair Ihmels is the general manager of ACME Tools in Bismarck, but when he isn't working he's enjoying the great outdoors. Blair is also on the Aquatic Nuisance Species committee of the North Dakota Game & Fish department, which keeps all of us engaged in a sensitive issue for Lake Sakakawea.

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Daryl Hill

Economic Development

Daryl Hill is a cabin owner at Deep Water and current president of Deep Water Bay Cabin Association. He spends as much time as possible cruising on Lake Sakakawea. He retired from Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bismarck in 2014 where he was the manager of media and communications relations.

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Ron Stromstad

Economic Development

Ron Stromstad is a cabin owner at White Earth Bay. When he isn't enjoying fishing and cabin time with his wife, Peg, Ron is the director of development for the Theadore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. Prior to that he worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, ND Game & Fish and Ducks Unlimited.

Jim Mossett