Friends of Lake Sakakawea
P.O. Box 309
Garrison, ND 58540
Fax: (701) 463-7487

Join an organization working to make a good lake great!

Building on the recreational, economic and environmental opportunities of Lake Sakakawea

What are we all about?

Policy. If you're interested in preserving and developing a long-term fishery, then you will be interested in:

Our relationship with ND agencies like the Game & Fish, Water Commission, Commerce and federal agencies like the Corps of Engineers and U.S. Fish & Wildlife. We're consulted, informed and working together to come up with policies and regulations that work for the lake's stakeholders.

Our role in being a watchdog on federal efforts impacting recreation, water supply, water quality, hydropower and fish & wildlife.

Our efforts to work with oil and energy-related companies on spill prevention plans.We're learned how to compromise while protecting our interests.

Access. If you're interested in access, then you will be interested in:

Public policy development: We're at the table with the Corps of Engineers on winter and summer access policies. We are there when park fees, staffing and access roads are discussed. We stay on top of information about releases and know how to talk to when we're concerned.

What we've learn: We've been through two droughts, the tale end of one and six years of another; and a flood. We're older and wiser. We know how to fight to keep the lake at a liveable levels.

Education: Reconomics, or the dollars created by Lake Sakakawea, has been the focus of our efforts.

We also lobby to keep track of state bills impacting Lake Sakakawea. We track legislation, testify and lobby for better roads for recreational sites. We're learned how to compromise while protecting our interests.



Being Informed. If you're interested in being knowledgeable about Lake Sakakawea, you will be interested in:

The E-Newsletter. Members and potential Friends receive the newsletter at least bi-weekly. It's our way of sharing the news about water-related issues that impact or could impact Lake Sakakawea. During the past five years, the E-Newsletter has also served as an excellent way to inform readers about the threats of ANS.

Being part of the organization that bring agencies and stakeholders together, working toward making a good lake great.

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